Surfcreek Communications Inc.

Dear partners.

Please be aware of Surfcreek Communications Inc.


Surfcreek Communications, Inc hasn't paid us the pending balance for 6 months (august 2008 - January 2009) and every time they came up with an excuse. The amount of debt is 42064$.

We were dealing with Terry Bandi.


Terry Bandi
Vice President, Business Development

Surfcreek Communications, Inc.

239 4th Avenue, Ste. 520, 5th Floor
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

+1 412 281 4808 x 1305 (tel)

+1 412 357 4078 (fax)


If you have either any available information about this company or outstanding debts, please contact us for mutual settlement.

We recommend that anyone dealing with Surfcreek Communications, Inc be very very careful especially if they have fallen behind

If any companies have the same troubles with Surfcreek Communications, Inc, we will be glad to join forces to solve this question juridical.



Julia Novikova


Email:    jnovikova at