Thief accountant

The "X" company sets up an agreement, sends the traffic and talks the accountant personally to the point of showing the false payment that never took place in fact. 2-3 month passes that way while circulating assets volume is enough for the normal company operation and the chief executive is out of the situation (as all the papers shown to him look good and all the invoices are paid). To the point when the chief executive begins to realize the problem the loss may amount from 10 000 UDS to 100 000 USD or even more. The accountant usually quits the job by this and shares the income with the X company. As a rule the cheat sum is huge enough to cover the risk for the accountant. The protection method includes the cash assets accounting automatic system that allows the banking abstract of account be processed WITHOUT a person interfere. The said systems exist and successfully run and as a result, help to prevent the assets of the companies’ owners from the unfair accountants’ activities as show the real figures of the clients’ debts. If the mentioned system is absence by any reason you can protect your funds by having a few (for example 3) employees controlling each other’s work as it is much more difficult to come to a swindle agreement with a few different persons than the only one according to the practice.