PCCW Global

Fraud on name of PCCW Global using


Recently a person got in contact with one of my team members. She claimed to be working with PCCW Global Europe. After discussion of a business case we agreed to do interconnection and signed up unilateral contract wherein they can send traffic to us but we cannot.


At the time of provision we have checked the IP addresses they have provided and found that out of 6 IP address they provided, one was not registered to PCCW. We still created a test trunk for them and as expected, they started testing from that IP address only. Upon asking to test from all IPs, they did not wanted to test and want to start commercial traffic ASAP. Few e-mails back and forth and we realized that they are trying to earn some quick money by using the name of PCCW Global.


All e-mail communications we received was from domain, when we looked at WHOIS records, it turned out that domain owner has restricted public WHOIS details. Other PCCW Global domains has made all information public.

Even the website is morror copy of website but if you search IP address it hosted on, it is in Russia. They even sent a legitimate looking D&B report of PCCW Global where they edited the document and modified company URL to


Skype ID they used in communication - live:s.aichatou78

E-mail addresses they used -,

Non PCCW IP Address they asked to add -


I have sent email to all PCCW Global e-mails i have, if anyone has contacts of PCCW Global, please make them aware.

Mr. Vishal Dalsania
Rigel Voice Limited