Struggle against frauds (banner exchange)

Dear Partners,


We always do our best to make sure you get the full set of reliable information about frauds, non-paying companies and fraudulent schemes.


We clearly understand that in current situation of heavy world crisis, your business security questions hit the first place, so we decide to take anti-fraud activity to the next level.

NAR Communications LLC.

Dear Partners,

Please be aware of NAR Communications LLC.


Their outstanding debt is $5350.69, which has been past due since April, 2016.
They are even not suggesting any working route to be able to offset the debt via sending traffic back.


Their Corporate Headquarters:
7950 NW, 53rd Street, Suite 337, Miami, Florida 33166 USA

Phone +1 305 509 6263
Fax   +1 866 480 9591
Email  :

Europe Office
Yesilcimen Sokak, Polat Tower, Fulya, Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey 34394

Rengin Gundogdu, Skype rengingundogdu

Sales Manager
Ozlem Abaci Mobile:    +905325752475,, Skype ozzieabaci



Rovex Telecom

NAR Communications LLC.

Dear Partners,

Please be aware of NAR Communications, represented by Rengin Gundogdu.

They owe us - VoxBridge LP 2,892.40 USD since July.

We’ve searched and it looks like we are not the only company facing such sad experience, she owes money to 6 companies and didn't pay any of them. She always says there are financial difficulties and she’ll pay - this way she makes everyone wait for her while she gets in business with other companies and does the same thing over and over again.

On her Linkedin profile she stated that no longer works in Nar Communications though she is active owner and director.

She keeps lying and tries to close company quickly to avoid any responsibilities.

Rengin Gundogdu profile in linkedin

Please help us to stop this woman and the company cause one day she can create another company and cheat you and us again.


NAR Communications LLC.

Dear partners,

Please be aware of NAR Communications, represented by Rengin Gundogdu. They owe China Skyline Telecom USD 3651 since June 20th.

On July 1st, they sent us a fake wire with bank account “787539980083”. But our bank account should be “787539980883”.

After we found the issue, they told us it was a mistake and they will resend it in one or two weeks after they get refund. At the same time, their sales deleted me on Skype with no explain and notice. She refused calls on phone too. We sent them many e-mails about it, at last their billing told us it may need one month to get refund.

Two months passed and we still did not get anything. We sent e-mails to them to do offset, but they ignored our e-mails. And their billing threaten us that they will sue us if we post any negative info on web. They want to cheat more and more.

Please be careful with them.


You can check that  Rengin is the owener of this company:


Contact person: Rengin Gundogdu

Skype: rengingundogdu

Phone: +13057771300


Voip Asia Solution

Dear partners,
please be aware of Voip Asia Solution.

They owe us (IXC Global) $3336.03 for a long time.
After our requestions of payment they just disappear.
They ignored all our tryings to contact them.

If you have possibility of offset with Voip Asia Solution please contact me via Skype or e-mail

Cloud 9 Telecom

Dear partners,

please be aware of Cloud 9 Telecom Limited

They owe us ''Talk2all Telecom (HK) Limited" $312.52 for a long time since 2014.

We send e-mail request payment no reply, Skype also no reply, but they are online. Request open route no result.

Contact information:


Director – Carrier Relations

E-mail:, W:

MSN:, Skype ID: cloud9hk

Registered Office: 6th Floor, St. John’s Building, 33 Garden Road, Central Hong Kong

Regnum Networks Corp.

Dear partners,
We would like to ask you for a favor to act as a third party for running the offset with Regnum Networks Corp.
Their outstanding debt is $2085.38, which has been past due since February, 2016.
They are not replying to our e-mails and phone calls.
See below the information about Regnum Networks Corp.:
Legal address: 501 Silverside Road, Suite 105 Wilmington, DE 19809 USA
IP address:
Contact: Enes KESKİN
1. Email address:,
2. Phone #: office:  +1-302-407-1552, mob: +90-541-932-3751,
3. Skype: eneskeskinregnum
Contact: Ahmet DAL
1. Email address:,
2. Phone #: +905534476049, +905321538610,
3. Skype: dal_ahmet
We are looking forward to your prompt reply so that we can discuss all further details.
Should you have any questions regarding this company, please contact us via e-mail:
VoipShop Telecommunications Inc.

B47 Telecom

Dale Balfour - he is the owner of company - owes us 3500 USD since January and he refuses to pay his debt. Also he denies to reply our e-mails and calls for very long time.
Please be careful about him and his company.

His contact details: Dale Balfour: +1 561-676-5657,
IP address: -

Please do not hesitate to contact me, should you have any further information.
Senem Deniz (; +90 533-630-1805)

FlexHar Communication Ltd.

Dear partners,
Please be aware of FlexHar Communication Ltd and their CEO Arno Hovakimyan.
The company owes us (TeleXchange System) more than $5K, their CEO personally requested to increase their credit limit while the company was already was not paying debts to partners for more than 1.5 months, after that Arno Hovakimyan sent us a letter telling that the company is facing legal issues with tax authorities.
We are looking for offset with FlexHar Communication Ltd.

Corepoint IT LTD.

Dear All,

This is Kim from YX International Information Co., Ltd. which made interconnection with “Corepoint IT” on 18thAugust, 2016, and their account manager named “James”.

We start the business with the terms of 7/3 post pay and 2000usd credit limit. On 22nd August, 2016 we sent the invoice to them with the amount 2453.293usd, and they have confirmed the invoice to us and sent the bank slip after couple hours in the same day. But till now 2 days past their payment haven’t hit our account yet, and I cannot contact with “James” any more, no reply from Skype and reject from all of their e-mails.

We realized that they are the fraud company, everyone please note it.