Planetsky Telecom

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Planetsky Telecom.
Address: Gala Court Chambers, P.O.Box 52080, CY-4060 Limassol, Cyprus
Contact person: Andreas Pieris, Mr. Seto
Tel.: +357-25817204
Dear partners.
Planetsky Telecom owes us (Telecomtrade, Russia) 11803 USD from August 2008.
We sent them e-mails, but receive only confirmation letters. Phone calls give no appropriate results. We only get to know about Mr. Seto being responsible for paying debts to our company, but he is always absent at the office or he just do not pick up the phone. Also he don't answer to e-mails we sent him.
We communicate with some company employees early and they state they stop doing any business on VoIP market and have no idea about their debt to our company.
We got some letters some time at the end of the year with promises to close this issue and pay debts by installments. But none of these promises were fulfiled.
We also try to decrease debt amount via traffic exchange, but they closed all routes, and say that they are planning some sort of restructing and after this everything will be fine and will pay all debts. But we still receive no money from Planetsky Telecom.
If you want to know more, please contact us via e-mail: lera at