Velocity Networks

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Velocity Networks.
We ( Aianna Corp.) want to warn others about company Velocity Networks, they do not pay what they owe, even after speaking to their billing department we left countless voice mails and e-mails to Sandy Apodaca, Andy Day and Kurt Wolfgang that suppose to be in charge of that department the only thing we get from them is the run around.
They had the goal to ask for 30 days postpaid to me directly, when they can't even pay the small amount of money that they owe us now. They told me and I am quoting him directly " the amount is not significant enough for me to worry about it" end of quote.
Be careful with this company they do not pay. At this time, we are filling a lawsuit against them for Fraud.

Information about this company:
Velocity Networks / IP Telesis
5155 Rosecrans Avenue Suite 300
Hawthorne, CA 90250