Dear partners.
Please be aware of Lycatel company.
Address: London - UK Wallbrook Building , 195 Marsh Wall, E14 9SG , London.
Contact person: 'Prasad'; 'Ana Lence'; 'Amy Shepherd'; ''; ''; ''; ''
The market has got a new non-payer – Lycatel company from UK!

They refuse to pay us for used traffic and avoid any dialog!
They owe us 9922 USD for the period May - July 2009.
We have got all the documents needed to prove they owe us. And we received replies from some other suppliers that they use this scheme not for the first time.
Be aware from them...
We are free for any open discussion of the matter and ready to provide all the needed evidences and proofs. Should you have any questions or comments regarding this issue please fell free to contact me.
Samand Communications
MPoursadi at