IT Source

Dear partners.
Please be aware of IT Source.
Thomas Kim - CFO -
Andy Kim - VP -
Tom Parker - Sales & Billing Manager -
Our company (Nobel, Romania) worked with IT Source in June with a 5k credit limit. When their due date came, they sent us the wire confirmation stating it's for a 5k payment but in fact we only got 1k. We shut them down when we realized the lie, but they already managed to get to $6249.
They stopped answering our calls/e-mails. We managed to get in touch with them through e-mail in late October only, where all their phone numbers are disconnected. The only one answering on their end was Andy who seemed unaware of the fact that they owe us. Upon sending him the due invoices he promised he'll have the invoices checked by his finance and get back to us. Again, just a trick to delay as we have no answer from him since.
If you want to know more, please contact us via e-mail: lucian.lapusneanu at