Xyrous Communications LLC

Dear partners.

Please be aware of  Xyrous Communications LLC.


They own us huge amount of money which they are not paying us for more then 3 months from now.

They have terminated 1,123,429 minutes of Bangladesh mobile calls through our route which worth 21345.15 USD.

But now they are not answering our phone calls or replying our emails.

Mr. Nersi Zand (One of the director) from Xyrous communication was the contact person.


My company was agreed to sell Bangladesh Mobile route to them at a rates of 0.019 USD with payment term of 7 net 3.

We sent them the bilateral agreement signed by me immediately after the started sending live traffic to our soft switch collocated at a USA datacenter.

But they did not sign it back saying that their scanner was broken and they will send it later. But they never send it.

Plz inform all concern companies about Xyours fraud and forgery.


By notifying them you can save their business interests in future, eventually save many Telecom companies around the world.

That is the only way we can help stop such incidents and force those fraud companies to stop doing it again and again.

Business means trust. No matter where we lives or do our businesses we can not allow this kind of activities.

Please advice me if necessary regarding this issue. If you need any information or any documents related to this, please let me know.


ABM Zaman
Sunmoon Telecom BD LTD.

Their Bank:

Wiring Instructions:

Bank Name                 Citibank NA

Bank Address              8516 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA. 22182

Bank Swift                   CITIUS33

Account Number         15439224

Account Holder           Xyrous Communications LLC

Notes: Thank You for Your Business. If any questions please call 703-448-8222.


Their contact:

First Level Contact:

24X7 Xyrous Communications NOC Call center

Tel: +1-703-434-3152

E-mail: noc@Xyrous.com

NOC Engineers in US:

(After 5:00pm CST & Weekends) Mahmoud Javanmardi +1-312-613-3465 (Cell)


Second Level Contact:

Maziar Parta

m.parta@Xyrous.com +1-847-208-1721 (Cell)

Third Level Contact:

Nersi Zand +1-301-802-1848 (Cell)



A sample email from Nersi Zand :

Dear Sanju

I am back in the office today for a few hours, before I head out. I have requested for you to get paid right away, I was checking to see what happened and why you did not get paid, apparently funds that were supposed to come in from other customers did not and we were short on cash. But you should be ok This week. I also have just finished sending you an overall rate reduction to see that we offset our balances and move forward. I am sorry about the situation as sometimes it happens, but you can be assured that you will get paid and we are not here to stiff you. I am also checking the status of our scanner, as I still see it here busted, but I will take care of that for you as well this week. You are on my top priority my friend.

Please see if you can offset traffic, as it is best for both of us, we have no customer that pays us weekly and hence sometimes we have cash flow issues, so for your sake it is best to sell these to your weekly paying customers. Let me know if these rates are good and I went ahead and cut the rates on routes that I think you may need based on the area that you are, but if there is anything else that you think you can offer to your customers let me know.



Nersi  k. Zand

Xyrous Communications LLC

(301) - 802-1848 (Mobile)