Zorin Interconnection Networks GmbH

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Zorin Interconnection Networks.
Site: www.zorin.com
Address: Auf dem Keipersnickel 2 D-63457 Hanau
Contact person: Thomas Rapp
MSN: thomas.rapp@zorin.com
Tel.: 49-6181-988-5452
E-mail: thomas.rapp@zorin.com
VoIP community,
It is with great displeasure that i write this to warn everyone about giving credit or doing business with Thomas Rapp and Zorin Interconnection Networks.
We had known Thomas and his company for several years and had done limited traffic.  Recently they asked for a premium Morocco route which we provided with 4x redundancy on our Premium A-Z product.  We allowed them some limited credit because of our past relationship.  Thomas asked for more credit which we refused to protect our exchange - Thomas then sent two wire confirmations, one for 10,000 EUR and another for 45,000 EUR.  We agreed to extend additional credit while waiting for the wire in good faith.
The wires never hit our account and we shut them off with a balance of $11,800 which they 100% agreed to (their billing shows this as well).  For the past 4-5 weeks (November 2009) we have been in phone, MSN, email contact and they are yet to send this money to us and are dodging our attempts to contact them.  When we do find them they promise to send the money or say that it was sent but nothing has hit our account.
CarrierConnect has never had to go this route with partners and it saddens us that we have to post this warning so others can be warned about companies such as this.
We are revising our policy officially as no more credit will be given as a result of this and we will have no more leniency so that we may protect ourselves 1000+ members as we have for the past 6 years.
We hope this saves someone else the hassle and worry of going through this situation.
**IMPORTANT NOTE*** we will remove this posting immediately if Thomas Rapp and Martin Keller at Zorin make an honest effort to pay back their debt and the money hits our account.
CarrierConnect Team