VoIP 4 Net ltd.

Dear partners.
Please be aware of VoIP 4 Net ltd.
Address #1: VoIP 4 Net Rock Business Tower, Rock St Talinn UCB6 0AA, ES
Address #2: Peterburi tee 81, Talinn EE-11415, Estonia
E-mail: voip4net@hotmail.com
Cellphone number: +37253107403
The bank he claims to use is: Citibank New York
Swift code: CITIGB2L
Account number: 10990765
Account name: VoIP 4 Net ltd.
He uses the alias Tom Seaton. He will approach you via MSN as Tom VoIP4net@hotmail.com and prefers to pass documents via upload through MSN and his signature will not match his name.
His traffic comes from Singapore:
Voip4net is a fraudulent company, they will not pay and just changes their name, be careful of this company, also the so called references are his partners:

Mr. Alex Aldurdeas
tel: 966566268377
e-mail: mazaarsat@yahoo.com

Bell Day
Mr. Adham Ameen
tel: 20165555257
e-mail: bell-day@hotmail.com

These gentlemen will swear that he has been doing business with them for years ... apparently so!
They left us with a bill for $14,000.00+