Telus global inc.

Dear partners.
Please be aware of Telus global inc.

Contact person: John Cheplinsky
Telephone: +1 77 87851235; +1 647 476 2445
Icq: 410-897-132
They use the name of the Canadian company “Telus” as well as their web-site and address. They represent themselves as subsidiary undertaking of “Telus” and affirm that collect VoIP traffic for a parent company. They send a contract with nonstandard seal, accounting this for the fact that they use exactly this kind of seals in Canada and that the main is a signature and not a seal. Just after the first invoice they don’t answer neither phone calls nor e-mails. But they continue to spam actively other companies with their collaboration proposals. They are very annoying.
The contact person of this company is John Cheplinsky. But according to some sources his real name is Oleg.