Travel telecom

Dear partners.
Please be aware of "Travel telecom".

Contact person: Marina Nechaeva, Fomichov Mikhail
Telephone: 74852584000
Icq: 378-743-507, 310-444-018

They use the name of the american company "TravelTele.Com Corp.” (Miami, USA) as well as their web-site. "IpCallGlobe" worked with "Travel telecom" since 2006 year. There were little traffic in the begining of 2007, but the amount of traffic has been increased since July. "Travel telecom" owed "IpCallGlobe" $ 1132 in August, but they promise to pay all bills. They inform about closing their company in September, but promise to sink a debt. Now "Travel telecom" totally ignore "IpCallGlobe"'s e-mails, calls and the total amount of the debt is $ 1763.