Dear partners.
Please be aware of "Call4u".

"Call4u" owes "Speedflow communications ltd." $ 9247 and refuse to discharge this debt.

You can see the situation below.

"From June 2007 we started our work with company "Call4u" from Israel. We opened them with small credit and after 3-4 payments we increased it to 5000 USD though they asked for more. At the 27th of July their credit limit was used but they asked us to open them for more till Monday as their banks are closed. We gave them extra credit and on Monday 31st we issued invoice for 16174.09 USD. The system switched them off as they used all extra credit limits. It is normal practice for VOIP – the customer should care about credit limits and pay in time to keep the routes opened. They paid $6000 on Monday, but not more and issued the dispute… for unknown amount – just the dispute… when we asked them to pay UNDISPUTED amount after all calls and e-mail debates we received
next letter:

I will not reply to your mails any more!
No wire will be made until dispute is solved.
Good bye.

We tried to call, but they interrupted the conversation and disconnected the phones at all. We even don’t know the amount of this “Dispute” … they just sent us ultimatum and refuse to pay even undisputed amount … All our attempts to receive undisputed amount during last and this week were failed… It is first time we have such illogical situation with such inconsistent women as Viki Feldman from Call4u company. The main thing is that they seem to be good company because they pay money for some period of time… till they want to pay. As soon as you
increase credit limit, they send traffic and… then they just ignore you. If somebody knows how we can receive AT LEAST undisputed amount (about 6400 USD) from this strange woman, who seems to be the owner of this company, please, let me know. The last phrase we’ve received from her:

I have packed in work !
When I will find the time to sit on all this you will know, sending 10 mails at once wont change the fact that we are very very very busy. And cant deal with this not today, not now.

In her interpretation means – never… because when she needed the credit, she had time to call us 10 times during 2 hours. When she needed balance statement, she sent 20 letters to our billing… but when we tried to receive undisputed amount she became very busy."

As we get to know besides "Speedflow communications ltd." this company owes money to other suppliers. You can check other posts by the link below:

It seems many suppliers afraid to post "Call4u" because Viki just say everyone, that supplier is lying and she don't owe money to anyone. But if the suppliers will be silent, she will swindle more companies. Don't let this happen. Don't afraid to post debtors, who refuse to pay debts.

Updated: We get to know, Viki Feldman use "VoIP access ltd." company in her swindle activity as well as "Call4u".

Here you can check information about this company:

Company name: VoIP access ltd.
Address: No 3 Habarzel St – ramat hachayal – Israel
City: Tel Aviv
Zip: 43758
Contact person: Viki Feldman (CEO)
Tel: 972 3 9191721
Fax: 972 3 9191723
Bank: Union bank of Israel ltd.
Branch: 070
Account #(s): 75787/ 74
Account Name: Call 4 U
Contact Name: Rubi chachalon
City: Petach Tikva
State: Israel
Zip: 49557
Address: 26-28 Histudrut Rd.
Tel: 972-39123643