Vuelle Elettronica

Dear partners.
Please be aware of "Vuelle Elettronica" company.

Address: Via Caldera, 21, 20153 Milano - Italy
Contact person: Angelo Catalano (sales director), Cristina Losi, Vittorio Berti
Telephone: +39 02 30590 244, +39 02409244 20, +39 346-2278190, +39 02 305901, +39 02 40924430, +393488865630
Fax: +39 02 30590 243, +39 02 40914558

"Vuelle Elettronica" owes "Callforeign LLC" $ 2k and refuse to discharge this debt.

You can see the situation below.

They run away with just 2k+ USD payable for all Philippines routes, never get back with our emails, calls and instant messages, though online. Sometimes would just say "busy and will get back later" in trying to avoid talking. We never had problem with payments at first thus they earned our trust and give them credit upon their request even if payment is yet to be received by our bank, until this incident happened.