Selway group inc.

Dear partners.

Please be aware of "Selway group inc."

Address: 2729 King Street Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904
Contact person: Arthur Blank, Steve Matlock
Telephone: 719-459-1241; 218-936-6666; 480-2001235; 480-9692350

"Selway Group Inc." owes "Maximus Telecom" $ 53,607.19 and refuse to pay off this debt.

You can see the situation below:

"Selway Group Inc." passed traffic in the month of December 2007 through Maximus Telecom's Mexico termination. Selway, over the course of those three months, has given various reasons on why they could not pay us in an agreed upon timeframe. It is now 3 months later, and Selway has no more excuses to not pay Maximus Telecom. They ignores our phone calls and e-mails and does not want to pay the bill. Please be aware of "Selway Group Inc." before doing any business with them.