Wincomm trade & services

Dear partners.

Please be aware of "Wincomm trade & services".

Contact person: Gary Stanley
Telephone: 727-744-4281; 727-493-0176
Fax: 727-255-5152

"Wincomm" owes "Maximus Telecom" $ 32,822.86 and refuse to pay off this debt. "Wincomm" passed traffic in the months of September and October 2007 through "Maximus Telecom"'s International termination (A-Z). Gary Stanley ("Wincomm"), over the course of those two months, has given various reasons on why he could not pay "Maximus Telecom" in an agreed upon timeframe. It is now 4 months later, and "Wincomm" do not discharge the debt. Please be aware of Gary Stanley and "Wincomm" before doing any business with them.