Proyect & Invest COSTless S.L.

Dear partners.

Please be aware of "Proyect & Invest COSTless S.L.".

Address: Gualdamina Baha Hoyo 15, 16 BJ1
Contact person: Tony Alberto

"Proyect & Invest COSTless S.L." owes "Kinetix International INC." $ 494.42 and refuse to pay off this debt.
"Proyect & Invest COSTless S.L." is a Spanish company that will run traffic, as a result of an agreed traffic exchange, and then refuse to pay its debt, saying that they are disputing a partial amount of the invoice and they will not pay anything (they have disappeared, their site and email accounts are down for over 10 days now). The payment and dispute period has passed and they still haven't settled their debt.
Official documents are signed from John Antonio (it seems like this person does not exist).