Dear partners,
please be aware of Veronow.
They owe us (Bustan Telecom) USD 18000.
The sales skype : mckenna.veronow
At 31-8-2015 we started  business that they use my ETHIOPIA route at rate 0.068. They used first time about 2421 usd and they  give me 2000 usd payment via my UAE bank.
After that I opened full ports and limit up to 20k usd, because they are sending daily 3k usd traffic. A little days they reached big money upto 16761 usd then i closed the route and request them to send the payment and  i sent  invoice. Then they send me fake wire copy, so i was waiting til now no any payment i received and when i ask them - no reply. Many times i asked and informed that i am not recived the payment.
For any information please contact us:
e-mail  :
skype: xaniif2