TelAfrica Mobile

Dear partners,
please be aware of TelAfrica mobile. They owe us (SymphonicTel) USD 3000.

First they use route and once reach their limit they come up with different excuses of banking issues. Do not fall prey to them they owe us 3000 USD and do not want to pay us. Initially they were responding us by offering route (which never worked) and now completely ignoring all our messages over Skype and e-mail. Given below is my conversation with their CEO.

Anyone dealing already with this company please do not pay them - contact us and we would like to settle our dues.

Do not work with them and please do share you experience working with them. Let us all clear this market from such fraudulent companies. If anyone need more details please feel free to contact me directly.

IP Address: /

Given below are LinkedIn profiles

Mariam Sabra | Frank Ngolela | Botha Lebpe | Antonia Nyagumba