Dear All,
We hereby inform you that you exercise caution when interfaced with Veloxcom. They are a company registered in Argentina Miami, the owner is Jose Luis, they work in Pre-payment but unfortunately they have been us wrong.
They usually offer routes a good price, it was first sent prepayment and routes worked well, and we continue to work with them, but then we did another prepaid and routes continued to function well, then began to fail routes for days fell and then returned to lift and when we consume part of our prepaid, they said they had dropped their routes and would warn us when lifted, but so far no answer to our e-mails or calls, and four months ago they closed us the routes, and they refuse to refund.
Please inform all you can to prevent your company be affected by these people. The person who recommended us to Veloxcom was a trustworthy person but turned out to be a bad influence, his name is Erick Paz.
This is the cell phone number of Jose Luis: 00 1 954 309 9455 and here is Veloxcom e-mails: jsese@veloxcom hfurieux@veloxcom
They owe us (Cualitel) a balance of $ 19,993 for 4 months ago without any solution. They refuse to pay us our money.
For more information you can contact us.