Tarasol Telecom

Updating information about Tarasol Telecom.

Company Tarasol Telecom http://www.tarasol.jo/ has outstanding debt to Luxor Communications in amount of 8278,44 USD.

After negotiations with this company we get a deal, they agree to pay us every month 1 000,00 USD.

If we update netting amount at all media resources we made posts in the past:

When they null debt we will share that information here.

Updating information about Tarasol Telecom.

As we reported earlier, the Tarasol company was eager to clear their debt to Luxor Communications. We had signed Agreement, where were mentioned all terms and sums that Tarasol had to pay us (Tarasol's debt to Luxor was $8278.44, monthly payment should be - $1000, untill they clear that debt, starting from 31st of March, 2016).

Unfortunately, Tarasol still didn't pay us full amount. After two months, payments have been stopped.
They ignore our notifications, Tarasol's billing replies us only after our call to their boss.
The amount of their debt is $6278.44 at the current moment.

With this notification we want to inform all VoIP carriers to be carefull dealing with them, because company obviously doesn't work under Agreement terms and has finansial issues.

If someone is working with them, kindly let us know - we are looking for offset ASAP!