Best VoIP Talk LTD.

Best Voip Talk owe us (Beta Communications) $12,470.04.
They initially sent a fake wire copy payment from USA on the 11th December 2015, then said there was a problem with bank.
Harold suggested Western Union will be quick and said he will send payment the next day, when we offered then to pay by PayPal he declined to pay, and since then have not replied to our e-mails or answer any our calls.
The phone number on their website goes to answer service.
This company is represented by Harold Roche (Sales Executive) skype ID: harold.bestvoiptalk and his accomplish from billing department called Vincent C. Holmes.
Please be warned, they are out to defraud as they never paid a single invoice that was issued to them.
Address: Jacumba, CA 91934, United States
Contact persons: Harold Roche; Vincent C. Holmes
Skype: harold.bestvoiptalk
Tel.: +1-619-4133151