Green Track FZE

Dear partners,
please be aware of Green Track FZE

represented by Ahsan Farooq

They owes us (Speedflow company) USD 1090,79 for VOIP traffic for period September 2015 - January 2016. They promised to pay this amount long time ago, but no money hit our bank account yet.
At the present time we are looking for netting with Green Track company.



Address: BC-3, RAS AL KHAIMAH, UAE / P.O BOX 251495, Dubai, UAE / P.O. Box 16111. RAKFTZ, RAK United Arab Emirates


Contact person: Ahsan Farooq, Saima Ahsan, Wahab


Tel.: +971 50 2534243; +971 7 2031342

Skype: ahsan.farooq87