Cloud 9 Telecom Limited

Dear partners,
please be aware of Cloud 9 Telecom Limited.
They owe us (China Skyline Telecom Co.,Ltd) $207.02 for a long time since October,2015.
After we request for payment, they always make full of excuse and empty promise.
They offered route far beyond the market rate, or make the dispute amount as the excuse to delay, they even said they only could release the payment with Paypal instead of any other payment terms today. (They know China Skyline Telecom didn't support Paypal for a long time).
Even though it is not a big amount there, what we keep making concession with them is for both of us could make a happy ending there. While we can't bear their air promise anymore for the rediculous excuse any more!
In VOIP business line, keeping promise and honesty are treated as a key behaviour. We hope we could do what we could to avoid the loss there.
So here we sinceraly advice please don't deal any business with such a dishonest company.
The contact information as below:
Director – Carrier Relations
Skype ID: cloud9hk
Registered office: 6th Floor, St. John’s Building, 33 Garden Road, Central Hong Kong


Vinay Bhardwaj
Skype: live:vinaydp