Trident Global Services

Trident Global Services has used our (Robo Dialer) VoIP termination for about a year. They have always been slow / late to pay their bills and have been turned off for non payment many times. This last time they stole $801 from us and now they refuse to respond.

Vinod Singh was my contact on Skype, I Skype him and he refuses to respond and I call him and he hangs up on me.

I was told they were going to pay by that was many weeks ago and yet I have not seen any money and now they are not responding.

I was told by other providers they also got stuck with a bill they won't pay and they used a hosted switch that we were on and didn't pay that bill either.

This is a company you don't want to have anything to do with.

Be aware and do not do business. We are in the process of file a law suit.