TelexRay Communications ltd.

Dear partners,

please be aware of TelexRay Communications Ltd.

This company owes us (Ejointech) 10865.444 USD and does not wish to pay. At first they sent two false bank wire for a large temporary amount credit limit. After that they say that our company had problems in bank account.

It is quite clear this was just another trial to gain more time. They were ignoring all our payment requests. We even request to open exchange route. But they didn't pay us any amount. 

Their account manager Maya and billing without any reply and disappeared.

We would appreciated if any company dealing with them can help us ( offset this amount. Thank you.


Legal name: TelexRay Communications Ltd.

Legal Address: 45B West Wilmot Street, Suit 271, Richmond Hill

IP address (signal):

Contact Name : Maya Nasr

E-mail: Billing Department: Support department:


Skype ID: maya.telexray

Be careful when assigning credit limits to them.