Regnum Networks Corp.

Dear partners,
We would like to ask you for a favor to act as a third party for running the offset with Regnum Networks Corp.
Their outstanding debt is $2085.38, which has been past due since February, 2016.
They are not replying to our e-mails and phone calls.
See below the information about Regnum Networks Corp.:
Legal address: 501 Silverside Road, Suite 105 Wilmington, DE 19809 USA
IP address:
Contact: Enes KESKİN
1. Email address:,
2. Phone #: office:  +1-302-407-1552, mob: +90-541-932-3751,
3. Skype: eneskeskinregnum
Contact: Ahmet DAL
1. Email address:,
2. Phone #: +905534476049, +905321538610,
3. Skype: dal_ahmet
We are looking forward to your prompt reply so that we can discuss all further details.
Should you have any questions regarding this company, please contact us via e-mail:
VoipShop Telecommunications Inc.