Voip Asia Solution

Dear partners,
please be aware of Voip Asia Solution.

They owe us (IXC Global) $3336.03 for a long time.
After our requestions of payment they just disappear.
They ignored all our tryings to contact them.

If you have possibility of offset with Voip Asia Solution please contact me via Skype aleksandr.petryk.ixcglobal.com or e-mail aleksandr.petryk@ixcglobal.com.

Their contacts:
Phone  93782271756
E-mails: info-voip@asia.com , sales-voip@asia.com , rates-voip@asia.com , noc-voip@asia.com
IP addresses: , , ,
Skype: voipasia1, live: noc-voip

Please contact us if you have any information about them.
Thank you in advance.