E-Vox former Voip4biz

Dear partners,
I submitted my post last year because E-Vox cheated our company (Italbbel Dynamics).
We opened a voip account with them, and initially it worked well. After some days it didnt work at all. For months we tried to contact them and ask them why it was not working our voip account. They didn't answer at all.
After posting a scam message on voipfraud.net they reacted immediately and asked us to remove our post as the account would be fixed urgently. So we removed our post and the account start working.
After a couple of months the same happened, the account didn't work any more again suddenly and now after almost 1 year that I have asked to them to fix the account again they don't answer at all, so I am reposting my post, but this time I won't remove it at all as this is what they do, they get prepayed, take the money and you loose everything.
Be aware of E-vox, www.e-vox.it, former Voip4biz they are not willing either to give us back the credit we have in our voip account or to fix the problem and let us use that credit. I have tried since then to ask them several times to fix the problem but no concrete solution was offered and our voip credit is stuck.
I am happy your website exists so that no other people become victim of these fraud companies.