Pure Minutes Bilateral Group LLC.

Dear Partners,
We would like to warn you against company Pure Minutes Bilateral Group LLC, who owe us $36381.04 since March 2016. Please find their contacts and debt details below.
Pure Minutes Bilateral  Group, LLC
45 Broadway, Suite # 1440 New York, NY 10006
Eric Ramos, President
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pureminutes1/
David Cooper, CEO
e-mail: dmc@pureminutes.com
Marat Grinberg, Managing Director
e-mail: marat@pureminutes.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marat-grinberg-48530b68/
We firstly interconnected with this company in Aug 2015 on conditions of 7 net 7 billing, $3000 as a minimum payment and $10000 of credit limit based on the agreed business case. The company did not have any payment problems from the start and arranged 5 timely payments, until March 2016 when current debt emerged.
The due amount was accumulated for only two days in the beginning of March 2016, when traffic rocketed, so that balance exceeded the Credit Limit by 5 times and we were forced to block them.
Since then till present time we had a number of settlement possibilities offered by Rovex, while Pure Minutes declined them, as they insisted on collecting debt by traffic. Pure Minutes did not show any initiative and cooperation demonstrating that they were not interested to settle the debt.  They stopped any communication in Jan 2017. As at today we managed to decrease debt to only $36381.04. Now as one of the options we are considering taking legal actions to claim repayment of the debt.
We would like to stress low credibility of this company, which is accompanied with absence of cooperation, empty promises, ignorance and disreputable practices. Based on this we do not recommend to cooperate with  Pure Minutes Bilateral Group LLC. We would be thankful for any information that might help us to settle the debt.  We also believe that such companies only ruin the market and we all need to exchange such information to prevent it.