AMITG / Telcoglobe

Dear partners,
please be aware of AMITG / Telcoglobe.
We worked with this company since Q2 2014 and up till September 2016 all payments were done promptly. In September, they started one dispute, which was based on their manager`s issue.  Alongside this, they declined to make payment until the dispute was concluded. As this was a clear sign of some issues, to be able to collect at least part of the amount we accepted for the latter to be split 50/50. It is important to mention that the issue was based on a negligence from their manager`s side.
We received partial payment in October after which the amount due was ~15K. We had one route open which we managed to offset the amount down to 3K on ASR of 1% and below.
Last month this route dropped and we started to request some other route or payment, but we got only reply that they have no active routes, and the promise that if they recover, they will cover the amount due. This is a think, that we highly doubt.
Our point of contact was Mr. Avinash Sharma -
His e-mail is -
Currently they do not reply to our e-mails and phone calls.
The owner of the companies is Srumita Chowdhury, the phones of whom, were never provided by the other people in the company.
If someone has some amounts due to them, please contact us to discuss how we can off-set some amount.