Fastel Communication

Dear VoIP Partners and VOIP circle,
beware of Fastel Communication (CEO & Owner: Ehab Sabet) for pending payment and lies and not answering our calls, e-mails or imo, whatsapp viber etc… They are blocking us (GEM Group Services LTD.) wherever we talk to Ehab.
Their due to us is 4500$ and they promised to open Cuba and Tunisia and Egypt routes for us with no success… Then Mr. Ehab Sabet said he will pay on Sunday 1000$ then on Monday 2000$ and balance of 1500$ on Thursday. He blocked us and informed a common person we both know Ehab that his customer Cost Master did not pay him the invoice of 7700$ and he is not answering and delaying the payment for us and we did not get any $ from him and when you ask him he say: "Please hold I will open route", and on testing we get a FAS route …

His contact is:
Ehab Sabet: +201002516565
Hatem Skype: happyloly1
E-mail: Ehab Sabet <>
His IP:

P.S: We request community members to stop all activities with Fastel and force them to pay their debt, upon doing so we can save other carriers in falling victim.
For any information, please do not hesitate to contact us on Skype live:syuzannah_1, e-mail: