Telefonix Inc.

Telefonix used our services from October 2016 till 21st of February 2017.
They have summed up a total amount of USD 2.624 USD and as per contract, we (FL-Connect Telecom Services GmbH) asked for payment from them.
For 2 weeks, we did not receive any Info. Our AM was online on Skype but did not respond. Mails to Billing, NOC, rates, our AM as well as all other mail addresses we had were ignored.
We also called the company number several times but no one except the IVR took the phone.
Finally, we put this matter on to a Fraud Forum on Linkedin. Then our AM, Mr. Taras Oleksyuk reacted as following:
[07.03.17, 16:00:54] : i am simple employee here
[07.03.17, 16:01:21] Daniel Flöckinger: Why arent you paying us?
[07.03.17, 16:01:26] Daniel Flöckinger: Why does no one talk to us for 2 weeks?
[07.03.17, 16:01:48] : Company has cashflow issue
[07.03.17, 16:02:11] : there are clients owing us as well
[07.03.17, 16:02:18] : thats's why delays have place and we dont pay any longer. You are not the only one.
I was then forwarded to Mr. Nicolay Laptev.
I know Nicolay from his time at Ecocarrier and reached out to him. He said the following:
[07.03.17, 16:23:27] Nicolay Laptev: Hi Daniel.. my billing is reconciling your account
[07.03.17, 16:32:13] Daniel Flöckinger: OK, and whats your findings
[07.03.17, 16:34:39] Nicolay Laptev: Some of the invoices were not inputed in tge system. So the suppose to finish it today
[07.03.17, 16:35:11] Daniel Flöckinger: Sure, please let me know when you will issue the payment.
Communications with Nicolay then broke up and he blocked me on Skype as well as our Account manager.
Then on March 9th, we received another email from Mr. Hellen Kraisel
Sorry for delay and inconvenience this might have caused. I just came back from a short vacation and need to look into it. It is my understanding that Nick had requested SOA and invoices that were delivered to him and he is going over. He is out of the office right now, but I will do my best to speed it up.

In regards to routing issues, please open trouble ticket and it will be addressed immediately.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Hellen Kraisel

Administrative Assistant
AP/AR/HR Manager

Office: 416-900-4156 / 905-264-0277 Ext.108  | Fax: 905-264-0377

Since then, again, no answers, no payment, no nothing.
No one is responding since then. Nothing is happening.
We consider Telefonix as fraud. We know they are in Business for quite a while but after investigating, we found another case, similar to ours.
I got in touch with Mr. Joarder, the author of this post and he explained me that the exact same scheme happened to them back in 2015.
We do not know why they are still in business and it also appears that some larger carriers are paid on time. Smaller carriers they appear not to care about and simply not pay.