Dear Partners,
Please be aware of Connect2Nation, we (Space Tele Services Pte. Ltd.) have lost 3501.94.00 USD due to their debt, they are fraudsters. 
The contact person Vinod K Singh started this company with dummy name Connect2Nation and hired Account manager to start business. He is not an honest guy and now started business with other company names such as Trident Global Services, Karyon Global Corporation and AdSquare360. He delayed the payment from Jan 2016 and made up many excuses like they will arrange next week, but next week never come. 
Then the person/company disappear totally with no response and reply, and even the Account Manager left the company. We choiced to trust him and waited very long time, but always no result.
Please do be careful doing business with them.

Below you can find all details about the fraud company:
Company Name: Connect2Nation, Trident Global Services, Karyon Global Corporation and AdSquare360
Contact Person: Vinod K. Singh
Mobile Number:+18327488765
Skype: singhvinod77