MobileNet POSA AKA SpeedTalk Mobile, Jolt Mobile, AlarmSIM

Dear partners,

Please be aware of company Mobile Net POSA, registered at 824 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90017, doing business as Jolt Mobile, Speedtalk mobile and Alarm SIM

This company owes to us $18000 since October 2016.

We began to work with them in December 2015, (they signed contract as Network Enhanced Technologies, Inc. and later changed to Mobile Net POSA) and provided them VoIP termination service until November 2016; their managers were always in touch with us and we were happy to provide them the best service we could.

In October 2016 Mobile Net delayed next payment and we got email from their financial analyst Michael Zhang:, who wrote: “We have one of our client currently not paying us. As soon as we receive the payment we will pay out the invoices.”

Since then we never heard from our manager, Anna Jirair:, She did not respond to numerous emails and never was available on the phone.

I wrote to company owner and president, Avi Sharoz Yroshalmiane:, but he did not respond, though he looked at my LinkedIn profile.

In February I contacted on LinkedIn Maryam Laaly - she signed our contract, she apologized and said that she would speak with the Avi and get back to me soon. I have never heard from her anymore either.

We have been patiently waiting and finally found out that Mobile Net settled down the matter with their debtor in court:,_Inc_v_Ignition_Wireless,_LLC_et_al#

I wrote to Michael Zhang, asking if they are able to pay to us now, got automated read confirmation but no reply from him.

I tried to email to Michael and our manager sever times, but never heard from them.

Finally, in July, we were able to reach on the phone (626.385.0000 ext. 116) our manager, Anna Jirair, she said she did not get my emails as they went to junk mail and we need to talk with accounting department.

We called to accounting department, Jennice Kung (phone 213-674-4781), and she said that we need to speak with the owner, but refused to give his phone. She wrote down our number and promised that he would call to us, but he never did.

We would appreciate if anyone could give us phone number of Avi Sharoz Yroshalmiane, operating his companies in USA since 1995.  We truly hope that he is honest business person but he was just extremely busy and never found the time to reply to his creditors.



Oleg Savanovich

CEO at TeleXchange System