Tarasol Telecom owe us (BBTVOICE Pvt. Ltd.) 4500 USD since December 2016.
We keep sending payment e-mails to them, but they didn't give us any response.
Their Director Mousa Ghayada said they have some issue with Bank and they have not open any route for us.
They don't reply to our e-mails, skype message, phone.
Routes are closed for us.
Here is their contact details:
Mousa Ghayada
skype: tarasol.sales
e-mail: sales@tarasol.jo, noc@tarasol.jo, alaa@tarasol.jo, billing@tarasol.jo
website: www.tarasol.jo
address: 97th Alrazi Street Jabal Alhussain Amman