Polliphone ltd. golden VoIP

Dear partners.

Please be aware of "Polliphone ltd. golden VoIP".

Site: http://goldenvoip.ath.cx
Address: Bahrain
Contact person: Marwa Rahim
Telephone: +97339604198; +97336889261
MSN: marwarahim@hotmail.com
E-mail: marwarahim@hotmail.com

"Polliphone ltd. golden VoIP" owes to "Asiabiz networks" USD 4374 and refuse to discharge this debt. They do not answer phones and e-mails. They are Bangladeshi and working, using "Reevsoft". Marwa Rahim's working partner is Biplob Mazumder, but all responsibility takes Marwa Rahim. We ("Asiabiz networks") are searching his home address. Please help us to find this fraud. For more information please contact us via e-mail: tawfiq_elahe@hotmail.com.