Prism Carrier Service Limited (Prism CSL)

Dear Partner,

This is to inform you that Prism CSL owe our (MatrixTel Communication) payment 8,426 USD since 2 months. Neither they are offering any route nor they releasing any payment.

Two days before they offer us India rate 0.0085 above the market, we open traffic and they limit us on 10 ports only. Yesterday they block totally our traffic and asking us again and again same we are accommodating.

Their contact details are:

Contact person: Asad Subzwari

Skype: Anum.anum..95, asad.subzwari1


Tel.: +923333760471, +971509802894





We’d like to draw your attention on below fraud & non-payers, who refused to make payment to Vdigit FZE and caused us losses during the past months.

Please be careful when doing business with below company  and it will be much appreciated if you can kindly share with us some fraud information that you came across.


Fraud company name - Prism CS Ltd. They refused to pay their bills of USD 22,496.91 from Feb , 2017. During the past 2.5 months we sent several reminders and got all kinds of excuses other than payment. We tried to send traffic back, but they have blocked route for us.

Contact Person: Syed Asad Subzwari

Phone: +92 333 3760471

Skype: asad.subzwari1/ Anum.anum..95

Additionally we have terminated our ex-employee: Farhana Abbasi when found involved in internally linked with Prism CS Ltd. (Asad Subzwari) and compromising her duty.

We are chasing our payment now and will share further update as we receive it from them.

Thank you for your time and hope this article will draw your attention.

Billing Vdigit