Inox Communication Networks LTD.

Beware of Inox Communication Networks LTD.

Inox Communication do not pay our amount. Never sent invoice and after so many times we (Luxuria Telecom) asked for invoice, they provide wrong minutes invoice. And when we ask for payment they post us on as fraud.

Be aware from this smart company. First they never send you invoice weekly and when you ask they will send invoice with increased minutes.

They have own our money and while asking for payment they are saying that we have to pay him not they. As they haven't share any invoice with us and when we asked him for invoice they mail monthly invoice and when we not accepted that they say that if you don't pay us we will post you on Linkedin.

We already mailed him our successful CDR. But they even don't share any CDR and just send SOA. And you also know what is SOA that all created by them.
They don't have even time to reply on time.

Name: Mamta Kuntal, Avai Choudhary, Nitish Soni.
Skype id :- avni.choudhary09 (Avni Choudhary), Mail id :-
Skype id :- Inox.noc (Nitish Soni), Mail id :-
Skype Id:- mamtakuntal (Mamta Kuntal)
IP :-,