Please be aware of IXC based in US, we have lost $696 USD due to their debt.

The founder of IXC is Arkady Sorokin, is not an honest guy, he delayed the payment from SEP. 2017. And made up many excuses like they will arrange in next week, they will offer route for release…from then. We choiced to trust him and waited very long time, but always no result and no accuracy info from him.

China Skyline Telecom doesn’t plan to get the money back, but we need to let the bad saboteur known by all VOIPers. Please do be careful doing business with IXC.

Below you can find all details about this company:

Company Name: IXC US

Website: https://www.ixc.us/contact/

Founder: Arkady Sorokin (Skype ID: rkashka, Mobile NO.+16465220590)

E-mails: asorokin@ixc.us;noc@ixc.us;pricing@ixc.us;jmartinez@ixc.us;lbaranchuck@ixc.us

Skype: rkashka;live:athomas_429;ixc.noc