Future Telekom

Dear Partners,
Please be aware of "Future Telecom" from UAE with its adress Ras-Al Kamiah P.O. Box 1611 Dubai, UAE.
Their outstanding debt towards our company Rea Systema d.o.o. is $2189,19, which has been generated since begining of 2018. We are all aware that now is month June.
Based on Agreement what we signed from both side - minimum payment is $2000. We want to clear this balance out so that we can terminate business between us as there is no business case.
They avoided the obligation in the way asking us SOA and after we sent SOA, there was no answer.
Several time we sent warning about it on same e-mail adress what we sent the SOA
They answered that did not receive SOA.
SOA was sent again.
To our next warning they ignored us again, and after few days answered that they are on holidays.
Since they do not want to respond with SOA for this long it is obvious that they do not want to settle its debt.
Future Telecom
Ras-Al Kamiah P.O. Box 1611 Dubai, UAE
FAX: +97165282042
Contact persons:
Mohammed Rahib Mensur - Title COO
Contact e-mails:
Alex Salvatore
Carrier Relations Manager (Int'l)
United Arab Emirates
P. O. Box!! 16111!! Dubai!! UAE
Email      : - carriers1@futuretelekom.com
Skype     : - carriers1.futuretelekom
Web       : - www.futuretelekom.com