Arus Telecom known as Arustel

Dear Partner,
Please be aware of Arustel company with it's adress: Arus Telecom
Kostaki Pantelidi, 15 2nd Floor, Flat /Office 204 Strovolos, 2057 Nicosia Cyprus
They have debt to us (Rea Systema) in amount of 3.316,00 usd. And as this debt was accumulated in 15 days we have reason to suspect they have offsetted other debts with using our routes and then stopped answering and leaving us in minus in this case.
Arustel has been ignoring all our mails and skype requestst from November of 2017. Last they mailed us on 13 th of November with this:
Below their mail:
Dear partner,
We want to update you regarding the payment situation at Arustel:
We have been working diligently to arrange and execute a payment schedule for the last couple of months. We have been making partial payments and providing quality back-traffic routes to balance out our debts, but despite our best efforts we have not been able to provide timely payments so far. This is largely due to our high amount receivables which we have not been able to collect due to most of the debt belonging to customers that are now under Turkish government control. There have not been any significant developments as to a time table for our receivables to be released to us and this puts us in a dire situation towards our debt to our vendors accordingly.
Arus Telecom has been a reputable telecom company for over a decade and we wish to keep our reputation intact while we resume at trying to bring our financials into balance.
However, the situation is unlikely to be resolved until February of 2018, when we expect to receive funds starting to flow. Therefore, we are unable to release payments until that time. We ask you to either standby for payments until then, or arrange back traffic routes with our sales team. We have been able to clear a considerable amount of debt by back traffic and we believe this will continue to generate business for both our businesses in the meantime.
The decision to wait until January 2018 or to arrange back traffic is entirely up to you  but we encourage you to send us traffic for balancing until we can issue the exact payment timetable in three months.
We apologize for this situation, and we want to make it clear that we acknowledge our debts and that our delayed responses to payment requests were due to not being able to provide a payment schedule
We will be waiting for your reply. You may, of course, get in touch with us to discuss this through the contacts provided below
Arus Telecom Ltd.
Senem Deniz
+90 (533) 630 18 05

Jak Matalon
+90 (533) 498 31 39
We were of course willing to offset debt with traffic, but from then on all of the commercial , account managers, even ceo would not answer on any single of our mail, skype request or even phone call. We do not understand why after this mail of offering offsetting they stoped answering in all, and at the same time gave the opportunity of offsetting to other companies.
We again reched on February, but situation stayed the same everyone ignored our mails calls and skype requests.
So they left us with not even a chance to offset a debt.
We have conformation that they contacted several companies that they have debt towards and are willing to pay or offer routes but to us so far nothing of that 2 was offered from their side. Even one of the companies that they contacted reached to us and said they will ask them about that we make 3 way party offset, but they ignored that propositon.
They have cause us great damage with their behaviour of not settling their debt and ignoring our all reachs towards them. It is highly unprofessional and we are really dissapointed in this company and in all the people working in it. Below full list of people involved in this fraud behaviour.
Yenal Toker
Billing team
Arus Telecom
Contact information:
Telephone: +357-22-030263 (Cyprus)
Senem Deniz
+90 (533) 630 18 05
Jak Matalon
+90 (533) 498 31 39
Saylan Sahin (Ms.)
Sales Director
T/Fax         : +90 312 966 0966
Mob TR    : +90 531 275 8488
Mob USA : +1 737 300 5422
•A: 10610 Morado Circle
#1233 78759 Austin, TX
Contact:  saylan.sahin
Alain Matalon
Carrier Relations Manager
T/Fax: +90 312 966 0966
M: +90 532 682 6220
A: Kostaki Pantelidi, 15 2nd Floor, Office 204 Strovolos, 2057 Nicosia Cyprus
Skype: alain_arustel
Any information from other companies that Arustel owes to also would be helpful. Please contact at: