Vivitel Communications Inc

Dear partners,

please be aware of Vivitel Communications Inc. They have not paid $2300 their due to our company Vtcallshop Limited. They made some many promises, but never come truth. We saw their posting on same forum as we are posting but we dare to allow them credit and we lost that payment. Please beware about this company.

Please see the e-mail conversation with them. If you need e-mail kindly send us e-mail request and we will forward you the e-mail.

Please stop even single dollar for this company.



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Subject: Re: Frauder activity has been initiated RE: Final and last
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Reminder 2 RE: Reminder 1RE: Payment request from VTCALLSHOP
From: Inzamam <>
Date: Tue, December 05, 2017 1:36 pm
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Dear Malachi,
i am on leaves till tuesday will be available from tuesday then will offer you route so you can adjust your  usage.
Best Regards,
Inzamam Hassan,
Senior Carrier Manager,
Vivitel Communications Inc,
Skype : Inzi.hassan
Email :

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Subject: RE: Reminder 1RE: Payment request from VTCALLSHOP
Date: 11/22/17 5:00 pm

Actually due to thinks giving week I was traveling and my access to online account for wire is giving issue. Will get the wire done next week. In the mean time Inzi can you offer them the route to Nigeria.
With Thanks and Best Regards,
Saeed Nawaz P.Eng.
phone : 813-528-2454
Fax : 813-425-9030
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Subject: Reminder 1RE: Payment request from VTCALLSHOP
From: <>
Date: Wed, November 22, 2017 1:23 pm

Dear Partner,
Please share the payment receipt without further delay. This can make impact on credit limit.
With best regards,

Carrier Account Manager