Blue Communications LTD.

Dear All,
please be aware of Blue Communications ltd.
First they make a deal with Philippe from Orange Telecommunications, Skype ID "orange.telecommunications " and then ask: "You can sell us route through our 10 years old trusted partner Blue Communications ltd.".
Becarefull, they will use your route and when you send invoice they will said: it's not matching with Agreement, we can't release payment, etc etc....
Amount: 3693.78$
Company Details:
Mr Elliot Sachar (CEO) and Mr. Leonardo Kunar (CTO)
Blue Communications Ltd.
Address: Charnic Business Centre Spring Garden Highway St. Michael BB11154 Barbados
Tel: +1 246 434 Blue (2583)
Fax: +1 246 426 2087
Customer Service Telephone: +1 800 534 Blue (2583)
Blue Communications International Ltd.
Toronto, Canada
Mobile: + 1246 262 2938

Any more information about contact us on Skype pc2h4u1
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