Voicezar Corp USA

Dear Partners,

Please be aware of Voicezar Corp USA with corporate office address CornWall Capital – 745 Fifth Avenue,NY 10151, USA and regional address Canada: 59N.Madison St.Burnaby, BCV3N-1P6, Canada.

This company owes us USD$ 498.20 for AFG and Etisalat routes. This company also claims to be a partner of another company whose owner is same and called Voice24Seven. All contacts belong to Richard William.

E-mails: richard@voicezar.com, sales@voicezar.com, sales@voice24seven.com

Business Cell: +17045355952

Skype ID: Richard (www.voicezar.com) Bulk Capacity needed for Cuba, AFG, Etisalat, Pakistan...


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