Dear partners.
Please be aware of "WRZF Cable LLC".
Site: www.wrzfcable.com
Address: 1111 Brickell Ave 11th Floor Miami, FL 33131
Contact person: Criss Ford; Luz Ford; A. Alvarez
Telephone: 513 - 6159756; 513 - 615 - 9741; 011 52 55 5645 8708; 1-800-520-1761
E-mail: crissford@wrzfcable.com; luzford@wrzfcable.com; aalvarez@live.com; aalvarez@four-g.com
This company makes a lot fraud in USA an MEXICO, in combination with Mr. Antonio Alvarez Rodarte. This company sale a call termination an cable system services, but don’t exist, and Criss Ford and Luz Ford make have a good speech to convince the people to send the money and never deliver the product. These companies are in same label of fraud, in combination with "Wrzf Cable LLC":
Miss and Mr. Ford and A. Alvarez convinced the clients to use the services and make a some calls, 30 or 50 call, never at the same time, and he use these companies to make the fraud:
"WRZF Cable LLC."
1111 Brickell Ave 11th Floor Miami, FL 33131 1-800-520-1761 Toll Free
"Voice Stream Data, Inc."
300 Sevilla Avenue, Suite 202 Coral Gables, Florida, USA 33134
tel. 1-866-544-8419 fax 1-786-279-9915