Moonstar Communications GmbH

Mooonstar Communications GmbH have owed us (Janacom ltd) $4109.82 since June 2018.

We interconnected with them in May 2018 and when payment became due we chased and got no reply.

After 6 chasing emails we had a reply to tell us payment would be made within that week - no payment made.

After a few more chasing emails we had the reply below:


"There are changes for the MoonStar Communications GmbH Shareholders. This process is on going and depending on the status it will take some time to finish the process, therefore there can be some delays for the invoices and related payments.

We guarantee you that all the open invoices and delayed payments will be closed/done after finalizing the Shareholders changes in the MoonStar Communications GmbH."


After another 5 chasing emails we recevied reply to say that payment would be made that month (September 2018) - no payment made.

We have sent a further 4 emails and have not had any reply....

It is clear from their behaviour this was a calculated method of fraud and despite their promises, they had no intention of paying for the traffic that was sent.