FastWeb Telecom

Serious scheme of deception for 20200$.

A few years ago, a Manager from BICS (Skype - belgacom.carrier) was added to my Skype account. Then there was no work with them. At the end of last year 2018, I wrote to the Manager of BICS about the request to cooperate with my company R4 group. They refused.

I occasionally wrote to them on direct routes. And in February 2019, they advised me to work through the Italian company Fastweb Telecom.  

As the company FastWeb Telecom is the largest on the market, we provide them with the 7/7 settlement period, no limit.

They actively started to buy the route Bangladesh mob nocli. After the first invoice we received the payment-document. But we never got the money. $ 20200.

Immediately wrote to the Manager of the FastWeb Telecom and Manager BICS.

Any attempt to contact as it is with these managers is a failure.

We ask companies that know anything about these managers, or about FastWeb Telecom, or have debts toFastWeb Telecom, to write me - Skype: live:mar.lal, email: And


Skypes -




Were registered in India.

The first two together - in August 2018.

The last one was in 2013


The first two, the mail was on the domain - , which was made in one day with accounts.


With similar IP accounts registered with domains - kddijapan,,

We assume that these domain addresses are also committed fraud.