Dasa Telecom LLC.


Dasa Telecom owe us (iXP Telecom) US$317,446.00 for Eritrea traffic they sent to us at the end of November / beginning of December 2018.  Its been almost 3 months now and they keep just saying that they are waiting for their customer to pay.

When this traffic was exchanged one of the mistakes they made was not telling us that they will not be able to pay it in the following payment cycle, but to wait for the end of the month. However, every week they just keep saying that payment will come.

Supposedly the customer is Telefonica but at this point, we have no real proof at all who the customer is and if they really going to pay.  Dasa has sort of provide collaboration in trying to offset the traffic, but they are not really putting effort in offsetting and we are in a big mess.